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Restrict Device Sign-in to Your Students Only

To ensure that all policies set in Google Admin console and in GoGuardian Admin apply to all of your students, it is important to prevent students (and non students) from logging into your school’s Chrome devices with unapproved Google accounts.
Additional important settings for restricting device sign-in include:
To restrict device sign-in to your school’s students only: 
  1. Using your administrator-level credentials, log into the Google Admin console at
  2. Click on Device Management.

  3. Click on Chrome Management, under the Device Settings heading on the left side of the screen.

  4. Click on Device Settings.

  5. Select an OU containing students. 

  6. Scroll to the Sign-in Settings heading.
  7. Using the Restrict sign-in dropdown menu, select the Restrict Sign-in to list of users option. 

    You can use the text entry box below the dropdown menu to add your students:
    1. Use a wildcard (an * symbol) + your school’s domain to restrict sign-in to only your school.
    2. For example, * would allow anyone with in their email address log in to your school’s Chrome devices.
    3. You can also add multiple domains and subdomains, e.g. *, *
  8. At the bottom of the screen, click Save.  


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