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Theft Recovery 2.0 Installation Guide

Create a Sub Organization labeled Stolen Devices

  1. Sign-in to the Google Admin Homepage
  2. Click Device Management
  3. Click Chrome Devices
  4. On the left sidebar, hover over the root-level organization, then click the menu icon dots.png
  5. Select Add Sub Organization from the dropdown
  6. Name the new Sub Organization Stolen Devices and click Add Organization

Configure Device Settings for Stolen Devices

Note to existing GoGuardian Admins: Theft Recovery 2.0 uses a brand new custom Chrome App. The previous app, Loading, must be removed from the Kiosk App list. See step 10.

The new Theft Recovery App information can be found on the Theft Recovery page by clicking the dots.png icon in the top right corner of the screen, selecting "Intro" from the dropdown, then clicking the "continue" button on the popup.

  1. Navigate to the Google Admin Homepage
  2. Click Device Management
  3. Click Chrome Management
  4. Click Device Settings
  5. Select the Stolen Devices Sub Organization and configure the following settings:
    • Guest Mode
      • Using the Guest Mode dropdown menu, select Do Not Allow Guest Mode
    • Sign-in Restriction
      • Using the Sign-in Restriction dropdown menu, select Do Not Allow Any User to Sign-in
    • Power & Shutdown
      • In the Scheduled Reboot field, enter a value of 1
      • Note: A reboot is required for Theft Recovery mode to be activated, setting the value to 1 forces the device to reboot once per day
  6. Scroll down to the Kiosk Apps section and click Manage Kiosk Applications
  7. Click Specify A Custom App
  8. Add the App ID and URL to the corresponding fields, then click Add
  9. Verify that the Theft Recovery App appears on the force install list to the right
  10. Existing GoGuardian Admins: Please remove the previous App, Loading, from the force install list
  11. Once the App has been added to the force install list, click Save
  12. Scroll to the Auto-Launch Kiosk App section
    • Select the new App from the dropdown menu
  13. Save the new settings by clicking Save at the bottom right corner of the screen


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