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Detailed Report Overview

Detailed Alert Reports offer additional context and relevant information about a student's online activity.


A. The Activity Log records comments and how administrators interact with the alert

B. View similar Alerts by this student. 

C. The timeline displays the student's history leading up to the content that generated the alert, providing added context to the student's web activity. 

D. The web page that generated the alert. 

E. This icon indicates that one or more custom Triggers were fired. Clicking this icon displays which Triggers were fired as a result of the student's web activity. 

F. Alert Details

  • Website that generated the Alert
  • Date and Time of incident
  • Alert Category
  • Public IP address of the network the student was connected to. 
  • Unique reference number for this Alert
  • Alert Status - Can be changed by clicking the status dropdown menu
  • Users who have viewed this alert
  • Users assigned to respond to this alert - Click the "edit users" link to change assigned users 

G. Student Information

  • Name of the student
  • Email address of the student
  • Org unit the student belongs to

H. Request a printable PDF version of this report. A PDF file will be sent to your email address. Screenshots of content may be omitted. 

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