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Policies Overview

In GoGuardian Admin 2.0, Policies have replaced Profiles. Policies offer the ability to define custom Allow and Block rules for websites, categories of websites, youtube content, and Chrome apps and extensions. 

Policies can be attached to Org Units at any level of your organization. Policies cascade down from parent level Org Units to any children within the selected Org Unit. 

Policies can be managed at

Policies at a glance


A. Click to create a new custom Policy 

B. Policy card

C. Policy name and description

D. Click the pencil icon to edit the Policy 

E. Click the menu icon reveal the delete Policy button

F. Policy information


Components of a Policy

Policy Summary - Name your policy, give it a description and a custom color for easy identification.

Allowed and Blocked Sites - Allow or block website domains, subdomains, or specific webpages.

Blocked sites by CategorySelect categories of websites to block from our ever-growing database of sites.

Allowed and Blocked Apps and Extensions - Manage your organization's Chrome apps and extensions. 

Youtube Filtering - Allow or block individual videos or channels and block by video category or keyword. 


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