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Initial Setup I: Deploying the Extensions

Deploy the GoGuardian Extensions
Important: this is the first in a series of three articles for initial GoGuardian Admin setup. After deploying the extensions, you will need to: 
GoGuardian relies on a pair of extensions in order to protect your students, and both of these extensions must be pushed onto student devices. Before configuring other Google Admin console/G Suite for Education and GoGuardian Admin settings, push the extensions first.
Before getting started, you will need a pair of extension IDs and URLs.
To find the GoGuardian extension IDs and URLs:
  1. Using your administrator-level credentials, log on to 
  2. Click on Getting Started.

  3. This screen will display both of the extension IDs and URLs that you will need. You can either keep this tab open, or paste the ID and URLs into a blank document.

Pushing the Extensions to Student Devices
A note on OU settings:  Settings in Google Admin console are applied to specific Organizational Units, or OUs. By default, any setting applied to an OU will also be inherited by its children OUs. For example, if you had all of your students in an OU called “All Students,” and had a series of child OUs for each grade level, then any settings applied to the “All Students” OU would apply to each grade level OU. However, if you applied a setting to the “10th Grade” OU, only the “10th Grade” OU would have those settings, and the rest of your students would not.
Due to this, it is a best practice to have a high-level OU that contains all of your students so that the settings applied in this guide apply to all of them. If you have multiple, equal-level OUs containing students, you will need to repeat these steps for each student containing OU.
  1. Sign in to your administrator-level Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account. 
  2. Click on Device Management

  3. Click on Chrome Management

  4. Click on User Settings.

  5. Select the Organizational Unit (OU) that contains your student users.
    Note: By default, your top-level OU will be selected. Each child OU will inherit forced extension installation.

  6. Scroll down to the Apps and Extensions heading.
  7. Under Force-installed Apps and Extensions, click on Manage force-installed apps.

  8. Click Specify a Custom App.

  9. One at a time, copy and paste the extension ID and URL for each GoGuardian extension, and then click Add

  10. Verify that both extension IDs appear in the Total to force install panel.

  11. Click Save.

  12. Click Save again, at the bottom of the screen.

  13. If more than one OU contains student users, repeat steps 5-12 for other OUs containing student users.
This is the first in a series of three articles for initial GoGuardian Admin setup. After deploying the extensions, you will need to:
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