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GoGuardian's Web Filter Categories

Navigate to Whitelist/Blacklist > Categories to start utilizing GoGuardian's web filter categories to protect your students from inappropriate sites while on their Chromebooks.  These categories will allow you to quickly block large quantities of sites for the Chromebooks in your school district.  
Each category represents an extensive list of sites that have been sourced from many reputable sources such as Alexa; the lists continue to grow with automated input from the Flagged Activity Tracker as well as hundreds of daily admin suggestions.

Some categories have other sub-categories underneath them.  For instance, the Malicious Sites parent category has the following sub-categories:

Selecting the parent category will automatically select all of the sub-categories underneath.  CAUTION: Deselecting the parent category will NOT uncheck the sub-categories.  You must go through and deselect these individually as seen below.

To check to see what category a specific URL would fall under, input a URL in the box that says "Check a URL" and press the blue “Check” box.  This will show you what category (or categories, should it fall under multiple) that the site falls under.  For instance, when we check below, we see that it belongs to 3 of our categories.  You may now check one of these categories from the list to block along with many other sites like it in that category.  You can also choose to simply add it to your custom whitelist by selecting the green lock or the blacklist by selecting the red lock.

GoGuardian also provides a setting at the bottom of this page to Block All Except Whitelisted.  This is GoGuardian’s Maximum Security setting!  Enabling this option will block all access to sites not on the whitelist for all OUs associated with the profile selected at the top. For more information on how to apply this setting to specific OUs only, please see this article.

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