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Importing your Organizational Unit (OU) Structure

Go to Account Settings > Organizational Units and select the blue Import OUs button

Now, simply follow the prompts in the OU Import Wizard!

Be sure to sign in to the domain that contains the OU structure that you will be importing or else you could import the wrong OUs!

Once you accept, GoGuardian will read from your Google Admin console and present the list of OUs that you can import.  

Select the OU's you would like to import and then select the Import button at the button when you are finished.  You should receive a confirmation if your import was successful.  

Once you have imported manually once, GoGuardian will automatically sync with your OU structure once a night so that any changes you make involving users or OUs in the admin console will be updated in GoGuardian.  You should see a confirmation of a successful import each day along with the number of users and OUs that have changed. 

If you receive any errors when trying to import your OUs, please make sure you enable API Access in the admin console.  

  • In the Google Apps Admin Console Dashboard go to Security > API Reference > API Access > Enable API Access

Also, make sure that you Enable Google+ APIs (see Enable Google+ APIs).  If neither of these solutions work, please contact support by emailing

Note:  This will not push out the GoGuardian extensions to your users.  You must still do this within Device Management > Chrome Management > User Settings.

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