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Theft Recovery Session Overview

  1. You now have the option to be notified as soon as the device comes online.
  2. The Green Light is an indication that the device is online, as a grey light means it is not.
  3. The last time the Chromebook was online.
  4. The session identification generated by Theft Recovery.
  5. The number of screenshots recorded for this Session.
  6. The number of geolocations recorded for this Session.

Clicking on the session will take you to a page with more information about the data collected for that device.

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  • Avatar
    Nickie Sattler

    WIth the new interface, how do we remove a device from the Theft Recovery screen. There is no longer a red X to do that.

  • Avatar
    Sarah Furgatch

    Hi Nickie, great question. In the interest of transparency, we actually no longer offer the option to delete Theft Recovery sessions, though we are planning to implement a feature soon that will allow you to archive a session, as a decluttering tool.

    In the meantime, the workaround I would recommend would be to rename the session something clear like "Recovered" so as not to confuse it with ongoing sessions.

  • Avatar
    Ray Ballou
    Any update here, I have a few stale sessions that I cant even rename at this point. Must be bc they are our of the stolen OU?
  • Avatar
    Sarah Furgatch
    Hi Ray, Thanks for writing in. I'm opening a ticket now to contact you by email to help troubleshoot your particular case :)
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