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YouTube Filter Best Practices

For the Youtube filter to work properly when on, the site will need to be removed from your blacklist.  This means that it cannot be on your custom blacklist.

With our Youtube filtering, there are a few things to consider. With the blacklist, you can block videos by Category, Channel, Video, or Keyword.  This will block the video on as well as any embedded instances of this video where they occur in other websites.  

Category Blacklisting: With the category blacklisting, keep in mind that these are Youtube defined categories so you won't find a "Pornography" category listed as Youtube does not categorize nor allow porn on its site.  However, you can be as strict or light with these categories as you please.  Also, we have the Block All But Whitelisted option which will prevent playing of all videos except those on the whitelist in your filter.  

Channel and Video blacklisting and whitelisting: The filter will allow you to blacklist/whitelist a video or specific youtube channel. Valid URLs for this option will look like this:

 For Khan Academy channel in youtube, the valid channel URL is

For the Jurassic World trailer, the valid video URL is

To obtain a valid channel URL, first search for the channel.

Then scroll down until you find a video that was uploaded by this channel and open up that video.

Once you have the video open, select the channel name that appears underneath the video.

It should open up the channel page and reveal the valid channel URL that is accepted in GoGuardian.

Keyword Blacklisting: This one is very good for blocking inappropriate videos as it allows you to input keywords to block. Unfortunately, you will have to add the words one by one at this point. We are looking to improve this aspect. But you can essentially copy words from your flagged terms list.

Whitelisting options: Another way people use the filter is to block everything and then add videos/channels to the whitelist. This is a good option if you know exactly what videos/channels you want to give access to. Keep in mind that things like Youtube for Education are kind of like Youtube super-categories and draw from multiple channels and videos. But you can whitelist videos/channels as they come up as long as you enter valid URLs like the ones above.

Recommendation for best use:  If you know what specific videos you would like accessed and don't want to free up anything else, then blocking all videos and then whitelisting these is a good option.  If however you want to free up Youtube but in a limited way, I would recommend playing with the categories, channels, videos, and keyword blacklists and finding a good mix of these that both opens up youtube but limits the inappropriate content. And if you find that you have some videos blocked that are appropriate for students, whitelisting these is a quick fix.

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