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Will GoGuardian cause latency? How does the blacklist work?

No! We designed the Blacklist system to particularly avoid latency. Here is how we did it:

  1. Your organization’s specific blacklist is stored locally. These are the sites that you have manually added. Therefore the only latency is the microseconds it takes in processing. This is literally imperceptible, and less than a millisecond in processing time.
  2. Sites that aren’t stored locally are checked asynchronously using our Blackcat engine. Let’s pretend the student is making a request to The request is sent to our servers at the same time that a request is sent to But, due to our lightning fast CRC32 lookups our server responds in a matter of milliseconds and redirects the request to our servers if the site in the case that it’s inappropriate. Otherwise, we do not redirect the request, and it goes through as normal, without any latency.
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