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What data is collected in an Theft Recovery session?

Selecting a specific Session ID will display all of the recorded information for that device.

  • GoGuardian will take screenshots of web activity as the thief navigates to new pages or performs actions on those pages
  • You can view each screenshot taken
    • Selecting a screenshot will show the image in full screen
    • Scroll through larger images by selecting the < and > buttons located on the sides of the image
    • Exit the larger images by either selecting outside of the image, or pressing the red Exit button located in the top right corner of the image.
    • Delete an image by hovering over the thumbnail and selecting the red “x” that appears in the top right corner of the thumbnail.
  • Navigate through each page of screenshots by selecting the blue Back or Next buttons.
  • Download a report by selecting the white Download Report button located in the blue bar.
  • Note: Stop collecting Screenshots for this Session by selecting the red Stop Collecting Screenshots button located in the blue bar. 
  • The most recent location will be displayed with a Google map at the top of the screen listing the date and time at that location, IP address, and the accuracy of the location.
  • Under the map will be a list of all other locations visited, with most recent location listed first.  
  • Each location listing includes date and time, accuracy, IP address, and coordinates.
  • Selecting Time, Accuracy, or IP address will sort your view.
  • Selecting View Larger Map will open a new tab, showing the exact coordinates of the location.
  • Selecting any of the locations listed will change the map accordingly.
User Account Information
  • GoGuardian will record the username of any user that logs into Google services
Download a report of all this data by selecting the white Download Report button located in the blue bar.
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