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Making Suggestions to the GoGuardian Blacklist

GoGuardian's blacklist gets bulk updates monthly and incremental updates based on community suggestions every day.  We crowd-source blacklisted sites from our users and aggregate all the blacklisted sites into a super pool so all admins can benefit.

There are a few ways to suggest a site to one of our blacklist categories.

  1. Go to Whitelist/Blacklist > Categories and Check a URL in the box provided.  If the site that you enter does not currently reside inside any of our blacklist categories, then you can submit a suggestion for GoGuardian to review.  

  2. Go to Whitelist/Blacklist > Sites and if you add a site to your custom blacklist that we doesn't currently belong to any of our categories, you will be presented with the option to suggest the site to our GoGuardian blacklist.  

  3. To re-categorize a site that already exists in our GoGuardian blacklist, you can add the site to your custom whitelist.  You will then be prompted to change the category of the site.  You can do this by clicking the red trash can to suggest removal from those categories.  Also, in the History section you can the block history for your school district and suggest a different category for a site using the dropdown as seen below.

With the help of our admins, we can continue to grow our blacklist and make sure that your students are safe on their Chromebooks.

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