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Monitoring Google Searches for your Organization

GoGuardian logs all the Google Searches completed by your organization so that you can monitor what information your users are searching for.  Start by navigating to Google > Google Searches to see what your users are Googling!

Once you navigate to Google Searches, you will see the screen above which shows the most recent searches made by users in your organization.  You will see the term that was searched for, the user who made the search, and the time that the search was completed.  You can filter by "Most Recent" or "Popular" using dropdown at the top and the timeframe of the information shown can be changed with the drop down box to show either today, the last 3 days, last 7 days, last 30 days, this month (from the beginning of the month to the current day in that month), last month, or any customizable date range you would like.  To download the log in a CSV format, click the Download CSV button on the top right hand side of the screen located in the blue bar.

Selecting the View Search button will display the search and a list of users that have searched for this term.  If you hover over the term itself, you can select it and GoGuardian will open up a new tab for you to view the search results in Google.

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