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Blocking Access to Personal Google Apps / Personal Emails

This method does not guarantee complete blocking of access to personal Gmail accounts, but it does minimize access to personal accounts. 

Add the following URLs to your Blacklist:***

Please keep in mind that if is on your Whitelist this workaround will not work. will not be blocked by GoGuardian unless it is manually added to your Blacklist or Block All Except Whitelist is enabled. If Block All Except Whitelist is not enabled, it is safe to remove from your Whitelist. 

The Blacklist entries above will also be overridden if you have on your whitelist. is often added to the Whitelist to ensure access to Google's SSO login form. 

To resolve this conflict, remove from the Whitelist.

Then, add the following sites to your Whitelist instead:** 

If some students have already added accounts, you may need to clear cookies on their device so that they cannot simply click on ones that have already been added.

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