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How do I add a new Flagged Term?

Navigate to Flagged Activity > Flagged Terms

The terms listed in Your Organization's Terms are what our flagged activity engine will reference when scanning the content of visited websites for flagged activity.  This list is completely customizable and you can add and delete terms at your leisure.  

To add a term, simply type it into the field provide under Your Organization's Terms.  If the term is not already present in the list, you will be presented with the ability to add that term to the list.  Change the severity of the term by choosing an option in the dropdown box provided.  Then select the green Add Term button to add this term to your organization's list.  

To change the severity, please delete the old term, then re-add it, and upon re-adding you will be able to change the severity level.

The Most Flagged Terms list is a list of terms that have appeared the most in the flagged activity for your organization.  If you see a term in this list with a count next to it, then this term has appeared in the Flagged Activity section and the count represents the number of times that this term has appeared in all flagged activity for your organization.  This view can be sorted by Term or Count by clicking on these terms in the blue bar.  

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