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Dashboard Summary Box

A quick overview of the most important data collected, including:

  • Online Users: Total number of online users that have pinged the server in the last minute
  • Flagged Sites: Total number of flagged pages in the past seven days
  • Blocked Attempts: Total number of sites that students have tried to visit and been blocked for past seven days
  • Google Docs: Total number of Google Docs visited for the past seven days
  • YouTube Videos: Total number of YouTube videos viewed for the past seven days
  • Searches: Total number of Google searches made for the past seven days

Note:  The statistics shown in this box will change when viewing for All Users or a more specific Organizational Unit (OU). Stats for your entire domain will show when All Users is selected from the drop down at the top. Stats for a more specific OU will show when selecting that OU from the dropdown at the top.

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