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What are User Locations?

GoGuardian uses a variety of data points to achieve the most accurate geolocation possible. The Google Location Services database allows GoGuardian to achieve High Accuracy Geolocation using a combination of GPS, WLAN AP-based location, IP location, etc. Under some circumstances, certain factors (like firewalls) may prevent High Accuracy Geolocation. However, even when the coordinates are sometimes off, the reported “accuracy” of that point will always be reliable. So if a given point has “100 meters accuracy”, the actual coordinates will always be within a 100 meter radius of the reported coordinates.

  • Each listing includes the number of users at this location, accuracy, IP address, and coordinates.
  • Selecting Number of Users, Accuracy, IP Address and Coordinates will sort your view.

For information on how to improve the accuracy of user locations, click here.

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