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Google Admin Console Best Practices

In Google Admin Console go to Device Management > Chrome Management. From here we can change the necessary settings to ensure GoGuardian is operating at its full potential.

  • From Chrome Management go to User Settings
    • In the Apps and Extensions section ensure that you’ve allowed the extensions from the Getting Started tab on the dashboard.
    • In the Security section of User Settings ensure that Incognito mode is set to Disallow Incognito Mode so that a user cannot bypass GoGuardian.
    • Furthermore in the Security section we recommend that you set Geolocation to to Allow sites to detect users' geolocation, this will provide the best location information for users and when a device is in Theft Recovery.
    • In the Apps and Extensions section, under Task Manager, Select Block Users From Ending Processes with the Chrome Task Manager
    • In the User Experience section of User Settings make sure that Developer Tools are set to Never allow use of built-in developer tools.
  • In Device Settings:
    • Make sure that Guest Mode is disabled by selecting Do not allow guest mode.
    • Restrict sign-in only to users in your domain. Do this by entering * into the Sign-In restriction box. This will prevent users from signing into their Chromebooks using their non-school usernames.
  • In the Google Apps Admin Console Dashboard go to Security > API Reference > API Access > Enable API Access

With the settings above users will not be able to get around GoGuardian’s filtering or monitoring.

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