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Building a Restrictive/Discipline OU/Profile

Administrators will often want to block sites for a specific user and not block these for anyone else in that users organizational unit.  While GoGuardian does not offer the ability to block sites for a specific user, there is a way to accomplish this within the dashboard’s current functions that many administrators have taken advantage of.  This involves creating a Discipline OU (or whatever you would like to call it) in the Google Admin console and placing the users that you would like to add more restrictions to into this OU.  Then once you have made the changes in the Admin console, be sure to import the changes into GoGuardian by manually importing your OUs.  You will next need to create a new profile to apply to this OU.  Give this profile a name that will make it obvious that it is for your disciplinary OU.  Next apply this profile to the OU you created in the Organizational Units section of the Account Settings tab (see “Organizational Units” above).  Once you have that OU selected and the profile applied, you can now make changes to your blacklist settings and make them as restrictive as you want and it will only apply to the few users you have placed in this OU.

IMPORTANT: If you have any sites in your custom whitelist in the Default profile (which applies to All Users), this Restrictive OU will inherit this list of sites and the users will have access. 

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    Marcus Staples

    You mention "See “Profile Inheritance” below for an explanation of this.". I can't find Profile Inheritance anywhere on the page.

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    Chris Stalbaum


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