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How do I know which device belongs to a Theft Recovery session?

It happens often that an organization will have multiple devices in their Stolen Devices OU in the Admin Console.  This means that they will have more than one session collecting data in the Theft Recovery tab of the GoGuardian dashboard.  So how can you know how to tie a session to a specific device?  The GoGuardian extension does not have access to device level information such as serial numbers or MAC addresses. What we do provide is the ability to rename your sessions so that you can tell them apart.  You can do this by selecting the green Rename button at the top left corner when looking at a particular session.  Once a device is recovered, it should be removed from the Stolen Devices OU in the Admin Console and the session should be renamed or deleted in the GoGuardian dashboard.

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    James Yap

    There has to be more helpful way of tracking devices. At least give us serial numbers. It is a total hunt when we have multiple devices in the container

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