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Monitoring your Organization's Apps & Extensions

GoGuardian allows you to monitor the Apps and Extensions that your users have downloaded and installed.  We also give you the ability to blacklist apps and extensions that you don't want to be accessible by your organization.  Navigate to Google > Apps & Extensions to view the list of Apps and Extensions installed or blacklisted.  

The page displays a comprehensive list of all the Apps & Extensions downloaded or blacklisted.

  • Pressing the blue hyperlink Filter will allow you to search the list of Apps & Extensions installed, show a list of only Apps, or show a list of only Extensions.
  • Designate between Apps and Extensions with icons on the left hand side
  • Provided in this view is the name of the App or Extension (which you can select to open a new tab to the Chrome Web Store listing for that App or Extension), a description of the App or Extension, and the number of times the App or Extension was installed.
  • Press the red Blacklist button to blacklist the App or Extension for your organization.  Blacklisting an App or Extension will remove it from any Chromebook that has installed it as well as prevent any future installations.
  • Press the green Un-blacklist button to remove that App or Extension from the blacklist.
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