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Theft Recovery Step by Step Set-Up Guide

Important: To use Theft Recovery you must know the serial number of the device that was reported stolen. Only a stolen device may be added to the Stolen Devices OU. If you have multiple devices stolen you may track them concurrently, but do not under any circumstances push out Theft Recovery to all of your devices.


This guide will help you set up and properly configure your Theft Recovery app for GoGuardian. We’re going to set up a Stolen Devices OU, configure restriction settings, and deploy the app to that OU. You will need your unique app ID and URL which can be found in the Theft Recovery tab on your GoGuardian Dashboard.


Creating Stolen Devices OU

  1. Sign in to your Google Apps Admin Console
  2. Navigate to Device Management
  3. Select Chrome Devices
  4. Create Stolen Devices OU
  • In the left pane hover over the name of your organization
  • Click on the 3 dots that appear to the right
  • Select Add Sub Organization
  • Type in Stolen Devices and click Add Organization


Configuring Settings

  1. Navigate to Device Management > Chrome Management > Device Settings and select our new Stolen Devices OU from the pane on the left.
  2. For Guest Mode select Do not allow guest mode
  3. For Sign-in Restriction select Do not allow any user to Sign-in
  4. For Scheduled Reboot enter a value of 1


Deploying App

  1. On the same page under Kiosk Apps click on Manage Kiosk Applications
  2. In the window that appears click on Specify a Custom App and enter your custom Theft Recovery ID and URL that can be found on your GoGuardian Dashboard page under the Theft Recovery tab. Verify that you see Loading added to the list and Save your settings. 
  3. Back in the settings page under Auto-Launch Kiosk App select Loading


That’s it! Make sure to Save Changes and you'll have successfully added GoGuardian Theft Recovery to your Google Apps domain. Place any lost or stolen devices into the Stolen Devices OU and Theft Recovery will automatically deploy to the machine and give you real-time tracking data when the device is connected to the Internet.

To test that everything is configured correctly we recommend temporarily moving a device that you have access to into Stolen Devices, waiting approximately five minutes, and then restarting the machine. The device should boot directly into a browser window without any log in prompt. You should also see a new session appear in the Theft Recovery tab on your GoGuardian Dashboard. Once verified, place the device back into its original OU and you’re all set!

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